Design : Sensory Experience

Design in a nutshell is problem solving. I love how the architects at Gallaudet take into consideration the Deaf and Hard of Hearing sensory experience and create an environment that is optimal for Deaf people and it just so happens to benefit everyone else. Another occurrence of this is closed captions, which were invented for the […]

Art : Ink + Letters Photo Essay

ARCHIVE | FEBRUARY 2015 Late last year my university design professor Corey Fuller contacted me about being a part of his new project Ink & Letters, a magazine exploring the space where art, design and faith intersect. He pitched the 4-page photo essay to me simply with the prompt “Church & State”–and that from my point of view in Washington, D.C. […]

Interview : Guthrie America

ARCHIVE FROM GUTHRIE AMERICA | JULY 2014 1. Tell us about the work you do? I am currently a web and graphic designer for a local marketing company. Later this month I will be relocating to Washington D.C. to work for one of Oklahoma’s Congressman.   1.5 What led you to this work? I’ve always enjoyed being […]

ART : Midtown OKC Through Holga

ARCHIVE DECEMBER 2013 I love working in Midtown Oklahoma City. It is currently being revitalized with new and exciting business like the Plaza Court with McNellie’s Public House, Kaiser’s, and Irma’s Burger Shack, among other businesses. Working within walking distance of the court, I can’t wait to try all the local businesses.  I already recommend […]

TRAVEL : Denton Texas

  ARCHIVE  JUNE 2013 This summer has been full of adventures and new experiences. I’ve been blessed to have gone on multiple out-of-town trips on the weekends to visit places and spend time with cherished friends. A couple of weekends ago I visited Denton, TX for a four-day weekend. It was such a blessing seeing some […]

Art/Design : Creative People

ARCHIVE JULY 2013   Bring with you a photographic machine, one for Annabelle and one for me… —Midlake I love creative people. Being with my creative friends inspires me, energizes me. One thing that is wonderful about the internet, is that you can connect with like-minded creatives, share snapshots and thoughts on social media. This […]

MUSIC : Record Store Day

ARCHIVE APRIL 2013 This past weekend I participated in Record Store Day. I have been a vinyl enthusiast for a little over five years. I distinctly remember my dad spinning Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced? record and showing me how to handle LPs and drop the needle down on the turntable. Once I heard the pop and […]