Design : Find Your Superpower

Fast Co.Design is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites for career tips and design inspiration. Published this morning is a fantastic article with interviews from reputable female graphic designers, including one of my favorites, Jessica Hische. Your design superpower is the special talent you bring to your team and project.   -Anisha Jain STRENGTHS […]

Design : Social Media and Sound

Frequently at my day job, I create ads and graphics for use on social media, specifically Facebook. Over the course of a year and a half in my position, I have had the opportunity to watch the platform morph into what it is today both in aesthetic and in terms of accessibility. [Facebook increasingly provides] […]

Experiences : Act Compassion

One of my goals for year 26, is generosity. Generosity of life: sharing more my thoughts, burdens, passions, time, and talents. Compassion International is one of my favorite charities in that they give the sponsor a chance to change the child’s life. In addition, it has been truly a blessing because of the sweet letters […]

Design : Thinking for Disability

This fantastic Tedx talk outlines the 5 Steps for Design Thinking: Define the problem and understand its constraints. Observe people in real-life situations and empathize with them. Throw out hundreds of ideas — the more the better, the wilder the better. Prototype–gather whatever you can, whatever you can find, to mimic your solution, to test […]

Essay : I Was Made for the Quiet

[ This essay is a little bit of dabbling in creative writing of sorts. In it I connect my love for the visual world with my perception of sound. Here is a study that concludes Deaf and hard of hearing people see the world differently.] What is design? The phrase “visual communication” seemed like an over-simplistic explanation […]

Design : Dieter Rams Documentary

Earlier this week I saw an article on WIRED that a documentary on Dieter Rams is in the making! I still remember as a fledgling designer in my early days at college, seeing Helvetica in class and feeling amazed by the genius of Dieter Rams’ mind. In the film, he recounts his ten design principles. […]

Design : Sensory Experience

Design in a nutshell is problem solving. I love how the architects at Gallaudet take into consideration the Deaf and Hard of Hearing sensory experience and create an environment that is optimal for Deaf people and it just so happens to benefit everyone else. Another occurrence of this is closed captions, which were invented for the […]

Art : Summertime

May and June the wintry cold finally disappeared and gave way to days outside and fresh eyes for exploration. Soaking it all in. Art galleries, beaches, live music, creative projects at work, and so much coffee.