Books I’m Reading in 2018

After receiving many personal book recommendations from colleagues and board members, I have quite a stack to go through this year. My sister Sarah told me about her one book a month goal for the new year last month so I decided to join her. My goal will be to read 12 books this year–a […]

Experiences : Consuming News Like an Adult

If one leaves a social network without blogging about it, did it really happen? Without so much as a warning, I left Twitter just over a month ago. Since then I set on a journey to consume news like an adult. With Twitter overrun by bots, manufactured news stories, and confirmation bias stoking retweets, I decided it was time […]

Design : Help Assist Her

One of my newest/ongoing projects in the works is in collaboration with New Wave Feminists. It will be an app that brings together already existing low-cost health care services for women. Using location, women can find high-quality health care from providers who are life-affirming (those who do not offer abortion services). We offer comparable alternatives […]

Design : Election 2016

Just over a week ago, Americans (and campaign staffers) marked the end of the two-year election cycle with a visit to the voting booth. An unprecedented amount of campaign dollars were spent on digital operations making it a momentous cycle. No matter your party affiliation, one can appreciate the high caliber of designed materials that […]

Art : Right Hear, Right Now

This is beautiful. An exhibition exploring Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing experiences. As description of the project: ‘Right Hear, Right Now’ is about empowering people to accept and embrace their differences, to raise awareness and to ultimately transform negative perspectives into ones of inspiration and understanding. To educate people on what it means to be capital “D” […]

Design : Convention

This summer I designed a logo for our committee’s convention suites and giveaway items. Adapting our branding into a commemorative logo to use for multiple items proved challenging but ultimately rewarding when I help the items in my hand. Here are some informal snaps from my Instagram. More photos coming soon…

Art : Lomography Wall

If you have been around me for any measure of time, you’ve probably heard me gushing about Lomography and my  my collection of lo-fi medium format cameras. My interest in Lomography began in high school when I got my first Holga camera, that magical plastic camera with light leaks, few controls, and infinite possibilities. Pulling this […]

Art : Anatomical Heart

Ever since high school anatomy class, I have been fascinated by the human body and the intricacies found there. Both physically and visually, the pieces and parts fit together perfectly. Those bones I found myself drawing and redrawing proved to be the perfect example of resolve or completeness. My obsession with anatomical things continued to my senior year screen printing […]

Tech : Integrating Pinterest and Facebook

I am a huge fan of If This Then That (IFTTT). It simplifies my life and seamlessly integrates my various Internet of Things devices (Withings Activité watch) and frequently used iPhone apps. As far as innovation goes, IFTTT is a great example of technology solving everyday problems without interfering with our lives. When I started […]