Experiences : Consuming News Like an Adult

If one leaves a social network without blogging about it, did it really happen? Without so much as a warning, I left Twitter just over a month ago. Since then I set on a journey to consume news like an adult. With Twitter overrun by bots, manufactured news stories, and confirmation bias stoking retweets, I decided it was time to change my media consumption habits. Upon recommendation of coworkers and family members, I downloaded reputable news apps and turned on the dreaded push notifications.

Twitter had become an endless outrage machine. A diverse selection of news apps give me a better sense of what’s going on outside of the Beltway Bubble than any curated Twitter feed could (and with a far shorter of a time commitment). I am pleasantly surprised that the push notifications are less intrusive than I expected.

What is your favorite way to consume news?

Thanks for reading!