Design : Help Assist Her

One of my newest/ongoing projects in the works is in collaboration with New Wave Feminists. It will be an app that brings together already existing low-cost health care services for women. Using location, women can find high-quality health care from providers who are life-affirming (those who do not offer abortion services).

We offer comparable alternatives [to Planned Parenthood] through a vast network of pro-life resources, in turn giving women real options and practical support. (NWF)

New Wave Feminists are a fantastic voice that combats mainstream feminism’s love affair with abortion. They are inspired by the early American feminism of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, both of whom were against abortion.

A little about me: As a teenager, I discovered that abortions were performed at 24 weeks, my gestational age at birth. In addition, I learned of statistics that babies with disabilities are more likely to be aborted. These realizations grew in me a strong sense of the dignity and value of people. In college, I founded a pro life chapter on campus and further cultivated my passion for the dignity of human beings with an internship at a prominent pro-life law firm in Washington D.C. Somewhere along the way I found the New Wave Feminists who provided a pro life perspective on feminism. It’s a comfortable fit as I was raised by parents who encouraged my sisters and me to be strong, smart, independent women. My obsession with the girl-fronted power pop-rock band Superchick in the early 2000s, probably helped too.

Visually the branding draws upon symbols: circle and plus sign (deconstructed female symbol), location marker, on-trend gradient color scheme, paired with the round letter forms of Century Gothic. Kept it simple and to-the-point. Follow our progress on Facebook/HelpAssistHer.

Thanks for reading!