Life : City Living

Since moving to the East coast two years ago, I found that life is quite different than back in my hometown. This girl grew up driving everywhere and staying out of the summer heat. As a huge fan of life hacks, these are some indispensable purchases I’ve made and apps I use to solve (or “hack”) common problems I’ve encountered adjusting to D.C.

Problem: Digging wallet out of bag for metro or ID card (and dropping phone in the process).
Solution: Card sleeve for iPhone (bonus: it solves the dropping iPhone problem!).

Problem: Forecast is rainy, but you walk to work. Solution: Rain jacket and/or automatic umbrella. On especially hot days, I prefer my automatic umbrella that can fit in my backpack pocket. Cooler weather days I prefer to throw a light rain jacket into my backpack.

Problem: Blisters and sore feet.
Solution: Orthopedic sandals for lots of walking. Worth every penny–switch to minimalist sneakers in the winter or weather-proof boots.

Problem: Conventional purse cannot hold laptop to and from work. Solution: Small canvas or pleather backpack (or tote). This tote is big enough for the work laptop, wallet, and notebook or two. Plus the pleather is nice because I don’t worry about getting caught in the rain. Don’t forget to decorate with enamel pins!

Problem: Wearing both a watch and a fitness tracker.
Solution: Fitness tracking analog face watch. I have a Withings Activité Steel and I cannot say enough good things about it. It is a beautifully designed watch in it’s own right and it tracks moment, sleep, and even heart rate.

Problem: Forgetting to write down a to do or losing scraps of papers or scheduled events. Solution: Google Calendar app andEvernote. The only way I stay on top of appointments is with Google Calendar and Reminders. Evernote is perfect for keeping multiple running to do lists like the weekly grocery list or shopping list.

Problem: Checking multiple apps for ride sharing to find the closest and/or cheapest.
Solution: GoA2B app! This app saves me so much time on the go when I need to get somewhere quickly and cost-efficiently.

Problem: Don’t own a car but need a car to get groceries or get out of town for a few hours. Solution: Car sharing with Car2go and Zipcar, respectively. If you want the independence of driving yourself and parking anywhere and leaving it, Car2go is for you. Zipcar is great for trips up to 150 miles a day with reasonable deals here and there. I enjoy the variety of cars available with Zipcar and the ability to extend my reservation via text.

See my Pinterest board for other creative solutions. Thanks for reading!