Design : Find Your Superpower

Fast Co.Design is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites for career tips and design inspiration. Published this morning is a fantastic article with interviews from reputable female graphic designers, including one of my favorites, Jessica Hische.

Your design superpower is the special talent you bring to your team and project.   -Anisha Jain


As a designer early in my career, I’ve learned so much on the job and about myself–both my strengths and weaknesses. Finding my weaknesses isn’t necessarily a bad thing, according to the article:

Once you have this clarity, you will best be able to contribute meaningfully, know where you have room to grow, and work with people who have complementary skills.


One of the most important aspects of the creative process is reaching a state of flow–similar to Hische, I find myself working in two modes: exploring/collecting/researching and creating/sketching/rendering. When I have limited time or interruptions, I find myself unable to get into “deep work” mode or flow because it requires extended thought. Hische offers great advice in encouraging designers to batch tasks and leave time for the focused creation.


The article also tackles negative inner voices and Imposter Syndrome. Personally, inner narratives have been one of my top challenges to feeling confident as a designer. While my skills have widened and gaps are filled in, I find that the inner “I have no experience” voice still whispers. It’s part of growing up, learning to silence those voices and say ‘Yes’ to scary projects. I love this tactic for pushing through those moments:

“I’m learning now, so it’s normal to struggle and feel confused and take longer than expected.” If you fail, try thinking, “That was an opportunity where I learned something.”

…We all have room to grow, but the difference here is that these fears aren’t based on your actual design skills and instead reflect a mental story about your identity and belonging.

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