Travel : Pittsburgh

Social media lately has been filled with articles coming to the same conclusion that people are happier spending money on experiences rather that possessions. After visiting my sister this spring and soaking in being in a different city, I caught the travel bug. This summer I planned multiple getaways for inspiration! DC isn’t known for artsy people but for suits, policy, and politicians. A change of scenery does one good–I had my first trip over the weekend.

Pittsburgh is the hometown of the legendary Andy Warhol, steel factories, Heinz, and recently technology companies such as Facebook and Google have installed¬†offices in the Three Rivers area. My favorite aspect of Pittsburgh was the bridges and tunnels and the distinct neighborhoods divided by the mountains and rivers. A history of immigrant neighborhoods, which I didn’t get to explore this visit,¬†still permeates the city with its pockets of Polish, German, and other influences. During my visit I saw the Warhol, Randyland, North Shore, Downtown, a glimpse of Oakland, and spent an afternoon in Lawrenceville.

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