Design : Dieter Rams Documentary

Earlier this week I saw an article on WIRED that a documentary on Dieter Rams is in the making! I still remember as a fledgling designer in my early days at college, seeing Helvetica in class and feeling amazed by the genius of Dieter Rams’ mind. In the film, he recounts his ten design principles. Taking the list to heart, they have shaped my love for clean, simple, intentional design.

Later that semester, I twisted my grubby Apple cord and Scotch-taped it to worn a linoleum floor at the school library. My masterpiece barely read ‘aesthetic’ in a messy script. Oh, aesthetic that elusive term. If only I had researched further and found the quote, “But only well-executed objects can be beautiful.” My less than well-executed project missed the point–I should’ve Photoshopped out the scuff marks and Scotch tape. My taste and eye were still developing.

Good design is aesthetic.